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Why Take a Boating Safety Course?

Need Your Boating Education Certificate?

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is proud to launch About Boating Safely, their new classroom course. This boat safety course is designed to be an introductory course to meet the boating education needs of recreational boaters.

Do I have to Have a License to Operate a Boat in Florida?

Click Here to view the Florida I.D Card and Boating Licensing Requirements

A Boat Safety Course You Can Trust

Taking an About Boating Safely classroom course by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will satisfy state requirements for mandatory boater education.

About Boating Safely
Register here for our Next Saturday
Class In Jacksonville, Florida
When you review your state-specific laws and regulations, you'll be confident you are staying current and staying safe. You may discover that even though you have been boating for many years, you still can learn something new "about boating safely."

So, Why Take a Classroom Course Instead of an Online Course?

  • Our instructors include, experienced seaman, licensed captains, and individuals with years of boating knowledge.
  • You will have a reference book to take home with you or keep onboard your vessel.
  • An additional family member may share course materials.
  • Cost is only $20.00, and only $5.00 more for an additional family member.
  • You have the ability to ask questions specific relating to your specific boat, your own boating experience, and the waterways you plan to use.

Your "Passport" for Boating Safety

Need to carry proof that you are certified to boat safely? In most states, after passing an approved boat safety course, you'll receive a boating safety education certificate.  Regardless of whether your state calls it a certificate, a card, or a license, you can get started now

"About Boating Safely" includes a wide variety of information.

  • General information about boats and maintenance
  • Information on preparing for safe and enjoyable outings
  • Navigation rules and aids to navigation
  • Guidelines for operating your boat or PWC safely
  • What to do in case of boating emergencies
  • State-specific laws and regulations you must follow

In general, this information applies to all recreational watercraft (powerboats, PWCs, sailboats and boats which are paddled). PWC and Jet Ski operators often have additional laws and restrictions which apply to them.

For Local Boating Education Information and to Register for a Class
Contact Bob Strong 904-721-1346

Email: restrong@comcast.net

Jacksonville, Flotilla 14-8 Class Schedule and Public Education Course for 2016
Call (904) 721-1346 to Confirm Date and Time


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Sat, January 9th, 2016 7:30am to 5pm Class Details
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Sat, May 14th, 2016 7:30am to 5pm Class Details
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